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Manage your portfolio

Be up-to-date with : direct access to your participations data and documents.

Share opportunities

Send new opportunities to your LPs securely, vote, and invest in new startups.

Receive reports from your founders

Invitez vos collaborateurs et administrez les accès par rôles.

Secure your sensitive data

All data is encrypted and stored securely to ensure maximum privacy.

Live notifications

More visibility, more transparency: boost your operational support!

Better opportunities

Send news deals and manage your investment committees more easily and securely.

Porfolio management.

All your

Monitor and access all your participations in one place.


Access each company data and interact with teams.


Get notified when a report is available.


Automatic generation of share certificates.

Take better decisions. Enhance your portfolio visibility, monitor and collaborate smarter.

As a business angel or venture capitalist, you need an efficient and user-friendly way to monitor and manage your investments. Traditional methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring manual data collection, decentralized KPI tracking, and limited collaboration with your team and fellow investors.

Effortlessly monitor and access all your participations in one place, ensuring you never miss crucial information or opportunities. With investor access, you can easily view each company's data and interact with their teams to provide valuable insights and support. Stay informed with reporting notifications, alerting you whenever a new report becomes available, and save time with the automatic generation of share certificates. Transform your investment management process with our solution to optimize efficiency and enhance collaboration between you and your portfolio companies.

Fund management.


A secure backoffice for your teams and your documents.


Onboard and communicate with your LPs seamlessly.


Share information, manage your investment committee (voting)


Forward your portfolio holdings reports and KPIs in one click.

Take better decisions. Enhance your portfolio visibility, monitor and collaborate smarter.

Managing a fund involves juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. Traditional methods of handling legal documents, investment committee voting, sharing opportunities, forwarding reports, and managing LP onboarding and data can be inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

We help you simplify your fund management with our all-in-one back-office solution that streamlines the management of legal documents, investment committee voting, opportunity sharing, report forwarding, and LP onboarding and data management.

With Shareable, you can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and portfolio growth. Automating these processes not only saves you valuable time but can also reduce the risk of costly errors and oversights. As a result, our solution becomes an indispensable tool that drives efficiency, improves accuracy, and ultimately delivers a strong return on investment for your fund management operations.

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Supercapital uses Shareable to manage their investment vehicles.

“Shareable makes the day-to-day management of our own investment and advisory companies and holdings easier, it's a real time saver for us.”

Corentin Orsini
OneGreen relies on Shareable to feed its dealflow.

“We receive applications from startups seeking funding directly through the platform. All documents are available on DeckSend: we save processing time and the entrepreneur receives a direct response.”

Vanessa Daurian Proust
OneGreen / NeoFounders