Boost your Investor Relations.

Trust is key when it comes to investment, and our reporting feature is the perfect way to enhance your relationship with investors.

Our streamlined reporting feature is designed to help you do just that. With our reporting tools, you can keep investors engaged, informed, and confident in your business.

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Enhance your investor relations with our streamlined reporting feature, designed to help you build trust and foster lasting connections with your stakeholders. Keep your investors engaged, informed, and confident in your company's growth and success with our innovative Investor Relations solution.

Presenting our Investor Relations feature, crafted to help you maintain strong relationships with your investors through seamless, transparent reporting.

Showcase your company's progress, share key metrics, and provide regular updates to your stakeholders, fostering trust and confidence in your business.

All your shareholders.

Retrouvez toutes vos données juridiques et vos documents au même endroit.


Engage your network, communicate more easily.


Publish quality reports on your activity for your shareholders.

Dedicated accesses

Invite your collaborators (HR, lawyers, accountants,...) and your shareholders.


Efficiently track changes made by your collaborators.

Rights of access

Set up custom roles and access: features, folders,...


The information you submit is strictly confidential.


Build trust and promote exchanges with your shareholders.

Smart Money

Use your shareholders' network and knowledge.

Smart money.

Discover how we can help you accelerate your audits and your fundraising.

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