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Introducing our cutting-edge Equity Management feature, designed to simplify the complex world of equity and ownership for your growing business. This powerful tool empowers startups and private companies to efficiently manage their cap tables, issue digital stock certificates, and gain insights into their ownership structure.

Our platform ensures the security of your investments and provides a transparent solution for founders, investors, and employees to effortlessly track their shares. We prioritize the protection of sensitive financial data through robust security measures, including encryption and secure access controls. Our easy-to-use interface enables all stakeholders to view their ownership stakes, monitor vesting schedules, and stay informed on the company's equity status.

All your investors secured in one place

Track and comply with your shareholders' investments in a secure ledger.

An always up-to-date capitalization table

Visualize your ownership at a glance, generate share certificates and invite your shareholders to share sensitive information.

Track, incentive, share.

Control your ownership: securing shares, generating the captable, issuing certificates...


A dynamic captable and updated in real time.

Shareholder accounts

List of shareholders and assets report.

Mandatory registries

Compliant recording of transactions in the ledger.

Share certificates

Automatic generation of share certificates.

Simplified forms

Simplified forms for faster registration.

Accès actionnaires

Un espace unifié pour retrouver les informations et les documents.

Exports (csv)

Export data easily for simplified integration.

Import (onboarding)

Contact us to know more about importing your data history.

Bring your investors together.

Discover how we can help you centralize all your shareholders and employees data in one place.

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