From your launch to your exit.

Over 100 companies and founders use Shareable to fundraise, issue equity, and stay compliant.

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Always be up to date

Maximisez votre réseau et entrez en relation avec les bons investisseurs.

Track your investors

Synchronisations automatiques, recherches textuelles,...

Share access and documents

Invitez vos collaborateurs et administrez les accès par rôles.

Secure your sensitive data

Données chiffrées et stockées en 🇫🇷 France.

For founders.


A dynamic captable and updated in real time.


List of shareholders and assets report.


Compliant recording of transactions in the ledger.


Automatic generation of share certificates.

Secure your investments. Onboard new investors with confidence.

Navigating the complexities of equity management can be a daunting task for CEOs leading growing businesses. The challenges of maintaining accurate cap tables, issuing digital stock certificates, and obtaining insights into ownership structures can be overwhelming and time-consuming. These issues can hinder your ability to focus on scaling your venture and maximizing its potential.

We help you tackle these challenges head-on, providing a streamlined and simplified approach to equity management.

Safeguarding your sensitive financial information is a top priority for our platform, which delivers unmatched security for your investments. With the highest levels of encryption and secure access controls, you can trust that your equity information is protected for founders, investors, and employees.


Engage your network, communicate more easily.


Publish quality reports on your activity for your shareholders.


Efficiently track changes made by your collaborators.


Give specific access to your investors

Smart Money. Use your investors to drive your business to new heights.

you may face the challenges of unresponsive investors, ineffective communication, and the complexities of generating accurate, frequent reports. These issues can lead to strained relationships with stakeholders, impacting the confidence they have in your business and its growth potential.

Our solution is specifically designed to address these challenges, transforming the way you communicate with stakeholders and deliver crucial updates that keep investors engaged, informed, and confident in your company's growth trajectory.
We help you re-engage sleeping investors with regular, transparent updates highlighting your company's progress and milestones, bridge communication gaps by offering crucial metrics and insights that convey your business's potential and direction, and simplify the reporting process through our user-friendly interface, enabling you to create insightful, easy-to-understand reports in a fraction of the time.

Fundraise faster.


Send your Deck

  • Create your DeckSend page

  • Share all relevant data to your leads (Deck, Business Plan, KPIs...)


Give access to potential investors

  • Send your link to your potential investors

  • New investors can also request to access your data


Manage your dealflow

  • Track your investors journeys

  • Share your Dataroom (Due-dilligence)

  • Close your deal faster


Shares issuing and follow-ups

  • Issue shares and certificates

  • Allow dedicated accesses to your new investors

  • Interact securely (reports, documents, metrics,...)

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For Legal & HR.


Centralize all your legal documents in one place.


All the legal information about your entity.


Find your documents in one click with our intelligent query system.


Define custom roles, give specific access to your users.

Centralize all your legal documents. Be audit-ready at all time.

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies are constantly juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Managing legal documents can be a daunting challenge, especially when dealing with sensitive information, ensuring security, and maintaining organization. Disconnected storage solutions and manual processes can lead to inefficiency, lost documents, and wasted time.

Our cutting-edge Dataroom platform is specifically designed to address these challenges, providing a single, secure, and user-friendly platform to centralize all legal documents.

This innovative solution streamlines the document management process for legal teams, CFOs, and HR departments, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure, organized, and easily accessible.


Store and share contracts and documents.


Give your employees access to their data.


Compliant recording of transactions in the ledger.


Automatic generation of stocks certificates.

Employee share ownership management. Onboard your teams seamlessly.

As businesses grow and evolve, effectively managing employee equity programs can become increasingly complex. This involves tracking various equity types, such as BSPCE, stock options, and free shares, as well as monitoring vesting schedules for employees in different locations. Traditional methods can be time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to navigate for both company leadership and employees.

We simplify your employee equity management with a all-in-one solution for allocating equity, monitoring vesting schedules, and providing employees with a transparent view of their equity holdings.

Choosing Shareable means investing in the success of your employees and your business.