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Maximize your relationships, communicate easily and securely with everybody.


All your important legal documents in one place. Your new single-source of trust.


Push real-time data to your investors, drive interactions to boost your business.

Ownership management, reinvented.

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Drive your business forward.

Unlock your company's full potential

Discover the ultimate solution for managing your company's equity, investor relations, and deal processes with our all-in-one platform. Designed to simplify the complexities of ownership, fundraising, and partnership efforts, our powerful suite of features empowers startups and private companies to focus on what truly matters – growth and success.

  • Enhanced Investor Relations

  • Streamlined Equity Management

  • Secure and organized Dataroom

  • Efficient Dealroom & Fundraising tools

Maximize your investment success

Elevate your investment strategy with our all-in-one platform, specifically designed to simplify the complexities of managing your portfolio, evaluating potential deals, and maintaining strong investor relations. Harness the power of our innovative suite of features to stay informed, organized, and proactive in your investment decisions.

  • Streamlined Portfolio Management

  • Efficient Dealroom & Deal Sourcing

  • Quicker Due-dilligences

  • Better interactions with your startups

Focus on building.

A single source of truth for your legal documents.

Introducing our Dataroom feature, designed to centralize and secure your company's critical documents in one user-friendly platform. Gain control over your sensitive information, streamline due diligence processes, and foster seamless collaboration among stakeholders with our state-of-the-art Dataroom solution.

Maximize efficiency, security, and collaboration with our Dataroom feature, providing your company with an all-in-one document management solution. Keep your sensitive information organized and secure while streamlining critical business processes with our innovative Dataroom platform.

Equity management made easy. Streamline your company's ownership journey.

Introducing our cutting-edge Equity Management feature, designed to simplify the complex world of equity and ownership for your growing business. This powerful tool empowers startups and private companies to efficiently manage their cap tables, issue digital stock certificates, and gain insights into their ownership structure.

Our platform ensures the security of your investments and provides a transparent solution for founders, investors, and employees to effortlessly track their shares. We prioritize the protection of sensitive financial data through robust security measures, including encryption and secure access controls. Our easy-to-use interface enables all stakeholders to view their ownership stakes, monitor vesting schedules, and stay informed on the company's equity status.

Boost your Investor Relations. Strengthen connections with streamlined reporting.

Enhance your investor relations with our streamlined reporting feature, designed to help you build trust and foster lasting connections with your stakeholders. Keep your investors engaged, informed, and confident in your company's growth and success with our innovative Investor Relations solution.

‍Presenting our Investor Relations feature, crafted to help you maintain strong relationships with your investors through seamless, transparent reporting. Showcase your company's progress, share key metrics, and provide regular updates to your stakeholders, fostering trust and confidence in your business.

Success your fundraising with integrated DeckSend & Investor CRM.

Introducing our Dealroom feature, specifically designed to streamline your fundraising and partnership efforts with integrated tools for sending pitch decks, managing investor relations, and handling essential legal processes. Experience a smoother, more efficient path to securing the resources and connections your business needs to thrive.

Optimize your fundraising and partnership opportunities with our Dealroom feature, offering an all-in-one solution for managing deals, engaging investors, and ensuring legal compliance. Accelerate your company's growth and success with the streamlined, secure, and efficient tools provided by our innovative Dealroom platform.

Pitch Hub.

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Boost your startup's potential by listing with Pitch Hub by Shareable! Our unique platform propels your innovative ideas directly into the view of our extensive network of investors, venture capitalists, and accelerators. Capitalize on the power of exposure – all for free. Take the leap today and skyrocket your fundraising journey with us.

Pitch Hub by Shareable listing startup fundraising

The all-in-one solution you need.

Virtual Dataroom

Find all your legal data and documents in one place.

  • A single source of truth

  • Intelligent search

  • Control access

Legal information

All the legal information about your entity.


Contracts, statutes, payroll, insurance, banking, etc.

Corporate representatives

Directory of corporate officers of the company.


List and details of the company's offices.

Legal publications

Find the published announcements (constitution, modifications, accounting).

Automated synchronisation

Your data is updated automatically.

Equity Management

Centralize and track all transactions related to your ownership.

  • Secure and track your shares

  • Simplified and faster audits

  • Portfolio management

  • Dedicated access for your stakeholders


A dynamic captable and updated in real time.

Shareholder accounts

List of shareholders and assets report.

Mandatory registries

Compliant recording of transactions in the ledger.

Share certificates

Automatic generation of share certificates.

Simplified forms

Simplified forms for faster registration.

Exports (csv)

Export data easily for simplified integration.


Prepare your fundraising and save time. Track investor interest.

  • Dedicated Dataroom

  • DeckSend to share your Deck in 1 click

  • Track investors interest (Investor CRM)

  • Accelerate the due-dilligence process (NDA/LOI/KYC)


A public page to present your project and your Deck.

Investor CRM

Find all the information about your dealflow (who has seen, who has downloaded the documents,...)

Electronic signatures

A simplified process to close faster: NDA, LOI, KYC,...

Maximal spread

Communicate about your project in our Podcast "🎙 The Pitch by ⚡️ Shareable" + our newsletter.

Automated reminders

Receive email alerts as soon as important information is available.

Guides & templates

Maximize your chances of success with our resources.

Investor Relations

Communicate and interact more easily with your stakeholders.

  • Reports templates

  • Share sensitive informations

  • Fully configurable dedicated accesses

  • Security & encryption


Engage your network, communicate more easily.


Publish quality reports on your activity for your shareholders.


Efficiently track changes made by your collaborators.

Dedicated accesses

Invite your collaborators (HR, lawyers, accountants,...) and your shareholders.

Rights of access

Set up custom roles and access: features, folders,...


The information you submit is strictly confidential.

Built for the entire ecosystem.


Join 100+ companies who use Shareable to manage their legal operations, fundraising, communicate with their investors.

Finance & Accounting

Centralize everything to speed up audits and improve internal compliance.

HR & Employees

Share compensation plans with your employees easily to improve commitment.

Law Firms

Assist your clients on their fundraising, share secured documents, and stay compliant, all in one place.

Investment Funds (VC)

Track and secure your investments, manage your portfolio, communicate with your startups.

SPVs & Club Deals

Get and share your startup's reports and share certificates to your LPs in one click.


Improve the reputation of your startups, help them grow and raise funds.